Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Baby Buddy Turns 2!

I no longer have a baby. 

I have a tiny tornado toddler. 

2 years ago at this time (time as in the time I'm typing this), I was in full on labor prepping to start pushing out a baby......or so we thought. As I'm sure you remember from my labor blog post, big buddy's head was HUGE and I had a section at midnight. 

2 years later, sweet buddy is asleep in his bed after reading 4 books to himself by the light of his bug flashlight. 

It's funny and extremely sad how fast the time has gone by. 

To catch up on all thats Jax, here's some bullet points (you know I love a good list) that I don't want to forget. And let's be real here.....this is essentially his baby book. 

- Jax LOVE LOVE LOVES Paw Patrol. He will ask to watch "Chase on Case" literally the moment he wakes up. 

- When he asks me to "turn light on" he really means for me to pull open his curtains that are closed. 

- He's obsessed with a good juice box. He calls them "juice bot"

- He thinks Oscar Mayer the weenie dog is out to get him. 

- All bites and bo bo's are "ant bite bites" and they all require "medzine"....which is generally a baby dropper with water or juice in it. 

- He wears a true 2t in most clothes and a 3t in pjs due to his man size gut. 

- Thank goodness, he is starting to snuggle again. He went through a phase where he didn't want to sit in our, thankfully, he will sit in my lap again and watch a "moo bee"

- While out shopping, my secret weapon is his iPad...... his "pad pad." He is so enamored by it that he only gets to use it in public places where we want to enjoy the food or think. 

- Prior to his birthday party, we practiced for a solid week at blowing out a candle. I bet we used up a box of matching prepping for the day. 

- He loves to sing his blessing for dinner, and with each plate of additional food. He wants to ensure every bite is accounted for with Jesus. 

Jaxon Riley-

Today you are 2. You are the greatest accomplishment in my life. I love your smile, your tight hugs and your sweet sweet kisses. I melt when you yell "mommmeee"! Your excitement for life and trucks make me cry and thank God that he chose me to be your mom. It's my daily prayer that God molds me into the mother that you need. You have a tender heart and you are jealous when your dad hugs and kisses me. You generally tell him "No! Dat's my mommmeee!" You are learning new words and phrases everyday that crack us up. You think every situation is a crisis and you yell "mommmeee help!"  You have a curious spirit and you need to find out for yourself. You simply will not take my word. You are stubborn, and so loveable, and funny. You LOVE to laugh and have us cheer you on. When you are in trouble, your feelings are easily hurt. Time out is effective for you (for now). You LOVE "prizes" even if they are M&M's or a coloring book. 

Happy Birthday baby boy. My baby you will always be.