Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ramblings From Sand Hill.

It's currently 12:30 am and I'm the only soul awake in the house. This is the only alone time I get during the day. If we are friends in real life, you know I need some alone time. 

So, we have been cohabiting with mom and dad since June 15th. Here's some things I've observed: 

1- They have noticed my little online shopping addiction......and they are worried. I've met their UPS and FedEx drivers. Oddly enough, they are both named Randy, and they are super super nice. I actually apologized to UPS Randy one day for all of the deliveries he is making and moms house even offered him some sweet tea. I just LOVE Amazon Prime.......and any other company that offers free shipping. 

2- Jax has separation anxiety now and needs a full account of where everyone is at all times. We go over everyone's location while he is on the potty, in the bath tub and when he is about to go to sleep. Now that we are in full on potty training, I generally tell him they are pooping in the potty. 

3- Mom and Dad eat bacon every morning. Which is probably where I get my love for the bacon. And my sweet child has picked up on the love as well. And apparently he has picked up some bad habits too! 

4- Oscar HATES HATES HATES living in the country. He hates mom and dads crazy guard dog, Spicy and he especially hates my brother's squirrel dog, Rocky. If anyone is ready to move's Oscar. Oscar generally sleeps 22 hours a day. Since our move, that has been cut in half and he is GRUMPY. 

5- Potty training your kid while at the grandparents house is comical. It's almost nonexistence. There's no potty training book for living at the grandparents house. 

6- Jax is around 3 adults all day long. And the stinker is picking up words and calling people by their first name now. During his night time roll call, he asked "where Brent go"?

Ummmmm......kid. Can we not call Paw Paw by his first name?!?

7- Big Buddy Jax wants to sleep in my bed. I'm torn somewhere between "of course I wanna snuggle with my baby" and "get in your own bed kid.........mama's tired." Jax will get a new big boy room when we move in our new house. That will include a big boy I'm sorta justifying him sleeping in my bed as "sleep training" for his new bed. I know it's crazy.......but I love my monkey and he's only little once. 

8- Big buddy works the system. If I say no, he makes sure Granna isn't around and then he will ask her for it. If that's a no go.......then his back up plan is Paw-Paw. That plan works 100% of time  and mom and I get Vetoed. 

9- Every weekend is a vacation for Jax. Since moving in with mom and dad, we have gone to the beach, Birmingham, Mobile, Eastern Shore and Madison. Once we move, Jax will expect a road trip during the weekend........but H and I have already declared that we will not leave our home until Christmas. 

10- Sand Hill is a much slower pace......which I welcome with open arms right now. I've introduced mom to Prime Pantry and the fact you can have organic pop tarts delivered right to your door by a sweet man named Randy that's a little apprehensive about the weenie dog, squirrel dog and sweet little mutt. 

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  1. Your son is very very cute and naughty also. He must keeps you busy in his naughty acts. I really like kids and I want to hug your baby boy.