Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello From Madison!

Hey there Frands! 

I would like to say that I promise to regularly blog now that we are moved in our new house, but, I don't like to lie. 

Do you know what I think about moving?? 

I think it sucks. 

Y'all! This is no joke at my age and with a tiny toddler tornado. 

All I do is just move stuff from one room to another. Then, I rearrange furniture just to move it back the exact way it was. 

Because we all know I love some bullet points- here ya go!

1- Jax is adjusting so well to the new house and his new big boy bed. He has only fallen out once, but he was so tired that he just fell and then fell asleep on the floor. 

2- Our neighbors are great! We have random playdates that do my soul so much good! Every time we walk outside, Jax begs to go to a neighbors house. 

3- Thank goodness, Oscar Mayer the Weenie Dog doesn't have anxiety with the move. I think he was so ready to get away from my parents crazy cat and loud happy dogs that he welcomed the move. (during one of our moves, the pup had to be put on an anti-depressant. kid you not. my dog was depressed)

4- Sweet Heavens to Betsy- everything is so close. I think everything is 10 minutes from our house. It's not, but I like to think we are that close to everything. 

5- I'm learning my new grocery shopping routine. I miss my Kroger in Laurel where they would special order items for me. Here in Madison, there is the BIG greek castle Kroger, then a smaller one across the interstate and one in Ridgeland. I think I'm breaking up with BIG Greek Castle simply due to the size and the fact they are out of everything on my list. Kid you not, I had to go to all 3 Krogers just for coffee. People. Ain't nobody got the time for that when you are hauling around a toddler

6- The girls of Madison are beyond nice. BEYOND! Everywhere I go and I tell someone that I just moved here, they give me their phone #. I met the sweetest stranger in the grocery store, and we laughed until we cried on the spice aisle. She had moved, and I had just moved and we were lamenting over the size of Kroger. It warmed my heart so much. 

7- Unpacking a house is for the birds. We have so much shizzle. SO.MUCH. I've already taken 5 loads of stuff to The Goodwill. 

8- Jax has been a trooper through all of this. That poor buddy has been hauled all around Jackson while I look for and buy up furniture and lamps and rugs. Then, return them. Kid you not, I bought him a bunt cake from 'Nothing Bunt Cakes' as a prize for him to eat while I pilled up 2 buggies at Hobby Lobby. 

9- My little piggy baby has turned into a picky toddler. The kid will be eating veggies out of a squeezable pouch when he is 10! My only saving grace with Jax's eating is the fact he can eat unlimited snacks from his shelf in the pantry. 
(He has his own little shelf in our pantry). His little snacks are veggie squeezables, bananas, crackers, apple sauce and I keep fruit in the fridge for him. If the little rascal isn't going to eat the meals that he asks for, I will at least control his snacks. Since moving, he has warmed up to mac-n-cheese. 

10- I'm so delighted to meal plan and cook for my little family again. I carved out an hour and menu planned through September. I cook almost every night. Some nights when I want a fancy salmon dinner, I'll feed Jax his organic hotdog at 6pm, put him to bed, and then H and I enjoy our adult dinner that doesn't involve ketchup. 

11- Our play dates at the pool result in this: a kid that is so warn out that he falls asleep while eating his popcorn snack.  Moms for the win! 

12- H judges a cook based on their ability to make corn bread. When this happened........I 'dropped the mic' and I may have said 'BOOM!' out loud. 

13- Life is good, but it is different and busier than we would have ever imagined. Between school, our jobs, play dates, unpacking, church shopping and renovations, we are nuts and don't plan on leaving for a road trip until Thanksgiving. 

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  1. Yeah, its so good if you are feeling nice after moving your house. Otherwise, we usually miss our old house. You have met nice neighbors also. Stay happy