Monday, October 3, 2016

Late Night Confessions of a Bad Mom

1. I tell Jax that we are out of chocolate sometimes when he wants chocolate milk. That's my late night snack and I don't want to run out it during a midnight monogram session.

2. We use skittles in our potty training. I take out all of the red and orange ones as a prize to myself. I don't like the other colors. It's a childhood preference that has spilled over into adulthood.

3. I don't like it when my baby is sick, but it doesn't hurt my feelings one bit when he has a low fever and we just lay around. I may even use it as an excuse to get out of a function. Maybe. Just sometimes. Whatever. I'm tired.

4. I may have shed a tear this month when Jax realized that Mac-N-Cheese is actually good. I was questioning if the kid was even American when he snubbed box Mac-n-cheese.

5. Jax's teacher said that he likes to sample everyone's lunchbox at school. I stressed over this for about 30, it just takes the pressure off of me trying to come up with a well rounded lunchbox for the kid.

6. Big bud was so tired after a full day of church and playing and skipping a nap, he literally fell asleep on the bathroom rug. And because I'm a bad mom, I left him there for 10 minutes so I could dry my hair.

7. I've created a creature of habit. Jax knows when we take a right turn to drive into Flowood........Sonic will be waiting for him on the right. He knows they ALWAYS have his tater tots and juice box ready. I can pull in the drive thru and the kid starts yelling for his tater tots.

8. Over the summer while living with my parents, Jax slept with me every night. When we moved in our new home, that habit quickly broke. He sleeps in his room now.......until about 6:30 am in which time he knocks on our bedroom door and asks to get in 'mommy's bed'. I'm not sure where he think H sleeps.......but he only refers to our bed as 'mommy's bed"

9.  Sometimes while out shopping, Jax will see a "cooookkiieee store mommy"......and request to go in. Sometimes we buy 6 small cookies with the intentions of sharing with daddy when we get home. Sometimes we eat all six before the red light.  

Mamas: what are some of your confessions that make you a BRILLIANT mom?!?

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  1. Your confessions seem opposite of the name of your blog i.e. Bad mom. You seem really caring mom who is always worried for her kids. Glad to know that your baby likes Mac and cheese keep giving him more such food so that he gets used to.