Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

Hey there frands!

Oh- you are certainly reading this correct! I've blogged twice in 1 week.

The reason for SO MANY BLOG POSTS is due to a bad head cold and fever. Otherwise, I would be unloading the dishwasher or cooking up a 3 course meal. Maybe on the meal. But probably not.

Hopefully this post will get you all caught up on our crazy fun life.

Some mornings, I wake up and have a house full of friends to feed:

Thank goodness Jax helps me out with their breakfast snack! Bless his funny bones, he calls Ernie "Burt and Ernie" because he can't tell them apart and we don't have the Burt doll. Did I confuse them?!? Do we have the Burt doll but not the Ernie?? HECK! They always confused me. 

If you are reading this and care to identify the "Bert and Ernie" doll that we have.......please let this mama know!! 

Big Bud LOVES LOVES noodles and PF Changs. One Friday night, H asked him where he wanted to go for dinner. His response "PP Chang.....noodles daddy."

Guess where we went?!?

Meanwhile, the kid was so excited he fell asleep and slept like this while H and I ordered all the food.
Of course he woke up hungry and mad that he had to wait for warm noodles to be served to him.

I cried on the first day of school which was a total SHOCK to me. Stuff like that NEVER gets to me. 


 But for some reason, my emotions were all over the place. So when 2pm rolled around, I pulled into carpool line on 2 wheels to pick this kid up. Then we raced home to make cupcakes.......and because I live on the edge, I let him lick the mixer beaters.

This is our ride to the pool. 

Don't be a hater. 

Big mama needs her float, and baby buddy needs his Nemo. 

We are TOTALLY those people riding in the hood. We are the people that neighbors snap photos of with their phones and send to their friends with emojis afterwards.

Jax did GREAT going to bed his first month in our new house. Then, one night, rookie dad H said: "Oh, look at us, we are such great parents who have it together and their kid goes to bed with no resistants or whining or crying. We are the best." 

It was something like that........

Anyway, since then, big bud doesn't want to go to bed on time. And sometimes he likes to hide in his room:

Luckily, I have a Master's Degree and I find him every.single.time.

Don't judge the short curtains. They were from his old room......and I needed black out curtains on Day 1, Night 1 in our new house.

I interrupt this blog post to go order curtains NOW!

Marriage is funny funny and strange thing. It's wonderful and fun, and crazy and hard.
A 9th year wedding anniversary is easy. And cheap. You don't buy or receive a lot because you are saving it all up for your 10 year.

Without mentioning it to each other, we bought new slippers for ourselves. Clarification, I bought slippers for me and said "this is my anniversary present" and H bought some for him and was making fun of himself and said "it's my anniversary present."

So this is who we are now.

Nothing screams sexy mama like some mule house shoes.

Meanwhile, I sent the photo to my young cousin........she texted back: #relationshipgoals

That's a bad angle for my ankles. This photo gives me flash backs to my kankles during pregnancy.

But to give credit where it is OVER due.....H did buy me a year's worth of massages......and a few facials. 

I may have cried over that too!! I had sorta joked with him that just having 1 massage is a tease. It's like just eating 1 M &M. But- having a years worth of massages makes one look forward to January. I only mentioned it 1 time......and thank goodness my man put that note in his phone! That may be another reason why our marriage works for us. H puts everything in his phone. I on the other hand, use a paper planner and just use my phone for talking and texting. 

To redeem our maw maw and paw paw ways from our slippers, we  dressed up and went out to dinner that didn't include noodles or sleeping buddies. We had big plans to go eat ice cream or dessert somewhere else after dinner, but we felt the guilt of parenthood and missed our buddy after H being gone for a week on a business trip that I picked him up early and we all crawled in bed and read 349,038 books.

That should get you caught up on our life through the end of August. 

Happy Grey's Day everyone!!

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  1. You crack me up! I'm guilty of so many mom things... sometimes I tell my daughter that my food is spicy so I don't have to share, I tell her the donut shop is closed when we've hit our sugar quota for the week and every night I tell her that I go straight to bed once I tuck her in bed. Little white lies that keep this mama sane!! :)