Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween- just a few days late

I take pictures. I have a great camera that I enjoy using. However, I never upload pictures.

It’s just a disconnect that I have.

At work, we celebrated Halloween last Friday.

3 of us were Dysfunctional Beauty Queens. Boy- did we live up to our title.

Our titles included: Miss Demeanor, Miss Conception (because she is really pregnant), and I was Miss Communication. Communication was misspelled on my sash. When my co-worker painted the sashes, she misspelled it. Which is funny…..but what really had us in stitches was the fact that no one noticed!!

As part of my outfit, I taped words on my shirt that are used incorrectly that are my pet-peeves.

Can’t (My dear sweet mom would always say recite this saying when my brother and I would say can’t: Can’t never could do anything.) It.Has.Stuck.
An’t Never
You Know (No. I don’t know. I don’t know what you are about to say.)
You Know What I’m Sayin’ (Again, no. Finish your sentence, and then, I'll know what you said.)

Miss Conception wore a paci around her neck as a necklace.
Miss Demeanor wore handcuff and made an inmate shirt.

Saturday night- H and I hosted a little Halloween party with our supper club.

Here is a photo dump to prove it. is little buddy. He was a hotdog. Of. Course.

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