Sunday, November 27, 2011


November has literally blown right through the Jones household.

Between work, school, football games, Thanksgiving travels, school and more school, November is over for us.
(I should be writing my paper for my final exam right now, however, I am giving into my ADD).

I have decided a few things over the last 2 days:
1. I will only be taking 1 class next semester. (taking 2 classes this semester has shaved 4 years off of my life)
2. I am over Christmas. I have SOOO many decorations that I am not even removing from their box. We are still living in our shoebox of a house- and I am just not feeling it this year. In the past, I have decorated 2 trees, however, this year, I probably have only 75 ornaments on our tree. I'm over it. It should be about Jesus anyway.

Because I am married to the best guy ever, I must tell you how extraordinary he has been the last few days.  This is me giving H a selfish plug in our blog.

Thanksgiving Morning:
Home boy helped me cook and load the car.

Thanksgiving Mid-day:
Home boy let me sleep on the way to Birmingham.

Thanksgiving Night:
Home boy took me to the movies for a little date to watch Breaking Dawn (let me add that the weekend prior, we laid around and watched the first 3 movies). After the movie, we went shopping( this was at midnight and that we shopped until 2am). He didn't fuss or rush me the FIRST TIME!!! I fell in love with him all over again. If H started to feel antsy while shopping, instead of rushing me-he would excuse himself from the store, go sit in the car and listen to ESPN Radio. He speaks my love language.

Black Friday:
Breakfast at Panera Bread
Shopping until about 5pm (again, H was a delight to shop with. Seriously.)

Also- during the month of November, I had the pleasure of snapping some family pics of the sweet Graves' family! Remember my friend Jenny-from-the-Block? Well, this is her sweet family.

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