Friday, July 13, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday.....Edition it's Friday.

Can I rant for just a little minute. Since it's my blog, and no one knows the password, I'm gonna rant.

1. I'm telling your right now that I'm probably going to have to take a Facebook break during the election. This thing really hasn't even got going good yet....and people are making me mad on FB. Do these stupid fools REALLY think their status is going to sway my political vote? Do you think I'm that dumb? I don't really care who you are going to vote for (my dad is cringing in his chair right now), just choose the lesser of the 2 evils and move on with life. Either way, things about either candidate will suck for us at times. It's life. If you don't like it, move to Mexico.

2. Sweet Oscar. He's my good child. I love him more than I love Cooper. We blame everything on Cooper. However, Oscar has been peeing on our bath rugs while we are gone to work. Thanks little buddy for making us repurpose our rugs to oil catchers under my car in the carport. Just want I wanted to do.

3. OMG- school. It makes me hate summer. I hate the month of July (sorry mom, I know it's your burfday month). If I have to write one more meaningless paper.....I will scream. Great ready to hear me scream b/c I have (2) due on July 30th.

4. You know what else sucks.....that's cancer. It sucks. It's not fair. Why do great healthy people have to deal with this awful disease? Why can't scum-bags be the only people who get cancer? It should be a rule that if you are a criminal, your punishment is cancer.

5. Oh, did I mention the front of my car is dented up from a 18-wheeler tire piece that was in the road. Oh yes. Fun times for Meg. Roughly $3,000 worth of damage. It literally cost me to attend work the day it happened. I would have made more money by calling in sick than going to work to make money to buy dog food (I tell Oscar every morning that I have to go to work so I can buy his dog food).

I'm sorry for the bad attitude for today. But, you know, sometimes, for a brief moment, life just stinks. It stinks like dog pee on your bathroom rug. And you know what else, sometimes, there is nothing you can do about it.  

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