Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I work for the "State."

When you work for the "State," everyone thinks you have great insurance.


You don't. Unless you are dying.

Below is the conversation I had with a customer service rep with Blue Cross.

BCBS: Thanks for calling- what do you want?

Meg: Hi! I'm Meg. My card number is 1234567, and I have questions about my coverage.

BCBS: Ok- like what?

Meg: Yes- I'm seeing Dr. McDreamy in Jackson for fertility treatments and their insurance coordinator laughed at me for having you as my insurance provided and they suggested that I sell a kidney. Do you cover infertility treatments?

BCBS: No. Infertility treatments are elective.

Meg: Nope. Nose jobs are elective. I have gimpy ovaries. I didn't elect for that.

BCBS: Right. But not having or having children isn't a medical necessity to your health.

Meg: So, I'm put in the same categories as people with liposuction, nose jobs and boobie jobs? All because I'm "electing" to have children.

BCBS: Mam-we don't cover infertility. Best of luck.

After that conversation, I considered having a bake sale. And a garage sale. And selling weenie dogs.

But instead, we hunkered down, canceled vacations, and budgeted like none other.
Honestly- it was tough but sorta fun. Saving money was sorta a game to us. However, I'm glad to be out of the game now! 

Now- we are in the game of buying diapers and saving for college. If you see me trying to potty train our baby when they are 3 months's only because I'm tired of budgeting for diapers. And if you see H teaching our baby Algebra when they are a year old, it's because we are shooting for college scholarships. It's never too early.....right??

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