Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Journey: Part 3

When we walked into Dr. McDreamy's office.....I was already weapy and jaded.

I kept thinking.....this isn't how I want to get preggers. This isn't how it's suppose to be.
It's suppose to be fun...and include a date night and a bottle of wine.

Instead, I'm hanging over my insurance card and the receptionist is laughing at me for having Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance. It was pretty much the recommendation of the receptionist to sell a kidney on the black market to pay for our infertility expenses.
There will be another post on BCBS coming soon. 

Anyway, sitting at a conference room table as H is holding my hand.......we tell our story thus far. The nurses look at previous lab work, and surgery notes and I tell them about ovulation kits and basal thermometers and such. They make notes, tell us we are in the right place......then call in the Dr.

Ladies: I had to compose myself for the first 5 minutes.
No lie.....my Dr. looks like Patrick Dempsey.
  Hello Dr. McDreamy. 

In that moment, I smiled and knew God had a sense of humor. That funny funny man. 

Side Bar: as we left the Dr.'s office, H started laughing at the fact that McDreamy was going to be the guy to get us preggers! He kept saying...."so THAT'S the guy!" 

Anyway, McDreamy prescribed a drug named Femera and we had our first of 3 IUI's in Sept. 2011.

It didn't work.

In October and November- my eggs were not participating in the game as they should.

So, we did another IUI in January of 2012.
It didn't work either.

So, we did another one later that month.......same song.....same dance.

All of our IUI stories are very comical. However, I cannot share them on the blog. If I do, I think that H would take away my blog and weenie dogs as punishment. We only share those stories at dinner parties with our close friends.

Going through infertility......you have to laugh about it at times so you don't cry! But then, you end up crying because life isn't fair and you are having to pay for your child while your friends are getting pregnant just by sitting too close to their hubbies on the couch!

If something was going to go wrong during our IUI process......it went wrong with us!

On the 1st and 2nd IUI, I had 2 good eggs. So that meant twins. If the IUI had worked, science was showing twins.

We were thrilled with that. We had wrapped our minds around twins! We had names picked out.
BTW: we are not matchy matchy twin name people.

3rd IUI was slightly different. I went to McDreamy's office for a pre-appt. ultrasound.
This time there were 3 good eggs.


We had a good chance for triplets.


The Dr. asked if we wanted to go ahead with the IUI.

I cried the whole way home. The only thing I could think about was the fact that we could have 3 little stocking at Christmas. And for some reason, I kept thinking it would be 3 boys.

H didn't go with me to the pre-appt. It was just a "routine" ultrasound.

So, I called him at work.

Me: Hey babe. Having a good day?

H: Yeah! Everything still good for tomorrow?
Me: yeah, we just need to decide if we are going to go through with it.
H: well yes!! Why wouldn't we?
Me: well, if it takes to all of my eggs, we will have triplets.
H: I need to call you back.

He calls back and says YES! Which is great, because that is what I wanted to do as well.

After that IUI didn't take.......it was time to move to Plan F. Literally.....we were on our 6th step here in aiding in getting me pregnant.

Fun time are 'a coming.......stay tuned for Part 4.

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