Friday, January 31, 2014

Gender Reveal Party: Part 1

Our gender reveal party was so much fun......but it sorta felt like a wedding. We invited so many people and I felt bad that I wasn't able to talk to everyone for a lengthy period of time. However, we had fun!

This party just about did me in. The one thing I had going for me was MLK Day. Praise be to the Lard for a day off! It was Operation Party Prep. I don't feel ahead of the game unless platters are on the table with sticky notes on them. Also- this was the big nursery reveal too! #nopressure

So- for the reveal, we had everyone blow up either a pink or blue balloon. All of the pink balloons had holes in them, so they couldn't blow up past a certain point. The blue balloons were ready to go! 

I broke up the party into 3 blog posts. This one is primarily family......the next one will be with friends......and the last one will be party details.

One of the best decisions for the party was to hire a photographer. We called in the help of Jennifer Parnell, who snapped our Christmas card photo, and will be doing newborn photos too! It was nice not to have to lug around a camera! BIG thanks to Jennifer and of course, she did a fab job!


Ok- let's start this party!

The parental units and Mom-O.
Dad was the only one thinking Pink. And mom is thrilled.

Side note: My brother is the favorite child (it's no secret) it's gonna be fun to see brother be bumped from this role and the new little buddy take his place! Mom is excited about a little boy because they love their Mama's and Nana's! 

H and his bromance. This is how guys hug. 

I look slightly possessed in this pic. But, you get the point.
Oh, and let's not talk about my fly-aways with my hair. It looks like static from the balloon.  

Sweet Dad. He's gaining a new hunting and fishing buddy. 

Baby Daddy. H is PUMPED about having a stinky little boy!
Have I mentioned that H wants to be in charge of potty training? Oh yeah....H said he is gonna "teach" from the back porch. 
This is my new life now.  

The Walley Clan.

The Jones Clan.

You know I love a good feet photo!

Remember our Christmas card photo:

After the babe arrives, I'll have to do one final feet photo! 

Monday, I'll have Part 2 with Friends
Tuesday, I'll have Part 3 with Details

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