Monday, February 3, 2014

Gender Reveal: Part 2


We have the sweetest friends.

They have supported us through our journey and continue to show the love.

I big shout out to my neighbors and friends for leaving plates on my front porch, making oreo truffles and letting me borrow beverage dispensers! Friends make my life easier.

And for the bloggy record, I never wanna move from my hood. I heart my neighbors. 

Mar Per drove from Huntsville and brought her real life Cabbage Patch doll, Emmaline!
I'm providing Emmaline with a boyfriend. 

Sweet BFF Katye, holding her son Holder in her arms, and her daughter Malone in her belly!
Baby Boy will have some options on the ladies! 

The preggers. Sara is due March 29th, Katye on tax day, and Baby Boy on June 11th.
Missing from this pic is neighbor Summer who is due in August.
Baby Boy will not have a shortage on the friends! 

Sweet Mar Per and Emmaline!
Sweet E was sooo good for the entire party! She was a little
social butterfly and let everyone love on her!  She even tested out the crib! 

The 2 Muskateers with a proxy! Since Katie lives in Dallas, she sent the next best thing.....
her sweet Mama! We heart Mrs. Carol and her MSU gift! 

Cousin/Auntie Brooksy! She LOVES to love on the Bay-Bay!
Thanks to her and her son, Baylor, Baby Boy is STOCKED on clothes!
We heart hand-me-downs! 

Brooksy and I are double cousins.
And, we were born a day apart.
Let me break this down......our moms are sisters and they married brothers.
And they were preggers at the same time, and gave birth a day apart.
So, we are practically twins. Or sisters. Or just cousins. Whatever. 

Our friends were so gracious to offer up their Saturday to celebrate with us! 

I've told all of them we want them to come visit in the hospital.......let's turn baby boy's arrival into into a party! 

And bring this Mama some Newk's! With a slice of strawberry cake. And tea with caffeine. 

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  1. You laugh about the Newk's but I requested McAlister's sweet tea...they brought me Pepper's tea, I acted like there was no difference...the was a big difference. Boy of Boy....this whole time I was thinking girl for you...boys are sweet, too. Congrats!