Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gender Reveal: Part 3

The details.

I love details of a party.

I like to see Pinterest worthy food/crafts/etc.

When Jennifer Parnell showed up at my front door with her camera....I told her I wanted detail photos......and she delivered....like always. 

Martini fruit cups with a dollop of cream cheese fruit dip. 

Because, who doesn't like fruit in a mini cup??

Confession: Those are paper plates! Gasp! 
I only have girly china plates. #mynewlifewithaboy

Chicken salad in pre-made phyllo cups. This is the perfect pick up food! And it makes your chicken salad go a long way! I used H's sweet Aunt's recipe! It's our favorite. 

Another confession: I asked my friend Kristy to make these Oreo truffles. I didn't want to mess up a good thing she has going. I know my talents, but I also know hers! 

I displayed all of the photos we have of baby boy. 

Another confession: I asked my mom to make these pimento and cheese sandwiches. She obliged. And we are thankful.

The key to making chocolate dipped rice krispies.....is to buy pre-made rice krispies! Thanks pinterest. 

Last Confession: this is a grocery store cake.
And, I made the banner! 

I was going to order the banner from Etsy.....but the cheapest that I found that I actually liked was $20. Heck to the no. 

$4 later, I have my banner. 

The overall menu consisted of:
Sweet Tea
Lemonade with fruit
Fruit Cups
Chicken Salad cups
Rice Krispie treats
Oreo truffles
Anti-pasta platter
Pimento/Cheese sandwiches

Then, we took the family to go eat Hibachi and grandmother wanted a roll with her rice and noodles. I should have given her chopsticks just to see what happens. 

We had fun at Sweet Baby Jones' party.....and I'm already starting to plan his baby dedication! 


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