Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday....

1. My man is feeling better thanks to his Z-Pack......and he and Oscar have moved back to our bedroom. All is well in the world again. Except my sleep. 

2. Baby Boy Jones received his first baby gift in the mail.

Thanks to Auntie Jessie and Uncle Markus.....Baby Boy has his tummy time mat...and the weenie dogs think it's their new play mat.

I may have emailed this to our dear friends:

Thank you for taking a chance with your credit/debit card at Target to purchase baby boy the best tummy time mat EVER! :) 

I hope you don't regret this purchase in 4-6 weeks. hah! 

3. H plays church league basketball.....and he came home with a black eye (or at least that's the story  he wants me to blog about. just kiddin').......anyway, this is how he recovered:

A bag of frozen peas. Those Baptist boys are brutal.

4. I had a slight panic attack this week due to our social calendars. I'm suppose to be lame and boring and not have a life.......but GEEZ! This is nuts!

5. The Super Bowl. The party we attended was fun.....but the game and commercials were average. And apparently this guy that H follows on Twitter thought the same thing too:

Amen to Downton! It was much better than the game. 

6. H is making me pick between 2 options for Valentine's Day:
- Gavin DeGraw show on Valentine's Night; or
- bathroom chandelier with dinner 

I want both. Please and thank you. 

I REALLY would like for this to hang over my bathtub.......

But I would REALLY like to see Gavin (my pretend boyfriend) in concert. 

I'll keep you posted on what I choose. 

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