Monday, February 10, 2014

December Graduation

Back in December, I graduated with my Master's. Remember.......this was the same day as the P!nk concert?

Instead of boring you with details.......I'll just show pics.

Because I'm a goober. 

There's a baby in my belly.
See my long sleeves? I kept my cellphone in it during the ceremony.

Cousin Lovin' with Brooksy. 

Me and the new Nana! 

Parental units.

Sweet Mom-O.

Graduation confessions:

-it was boring. 
-the only reason I wanted to participate was to take photos. 
-lunch was better than the speeches. 
-if I ever thought for a split second that I would work on my phd........this graduation made me come to the realization that is a big fat NO! 

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