Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday.....

1. I have been off from work for 2 days......and I have to report to work by noon today. 
I now like snow again. 

However, the buddies do not. They have pooped on the back porch and by the back door for 2 days.

2. My man has been sleeping on the couch since Monday night. This is not due to any marital discourse........but everything to do with his nasty head cold. H thinks I will DIE if I get the cold. Because I have been sleeping sooo good in the middle of the bed, I may have agreed with him and quickly "made his bed" on the couch. Mama needs some good sleep. 

During my 2 days off, I had the viewing pleasure of watching Good Morning America. During one of their news segments, they had a special on how a lot of married couples sleep in different rooms for the betterment of their marriage.

Listen. I ain't gonna lie, night 1 was good. Night 2 was ok. Night 3, my feet were cold.
I need my baby daddy heater to come back to bed! Meanwhile, Oscar has been keeping H's feet warm at night on the couch. Since H has been sick, I thought it would be wrong of me to take away his buddy.

3. Yesterday I posted a super easy and good recipe. Find it here:

4. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the snow pics come across my Instagram and Facebook! I will take sweet pics of snow babies any day over a car selfie. #truth

5. Speaking of the snow........Power to all of the Mama's that had to keep their little snow bunnies occupied for 2 days! While ya'll were chasing toddlers and bundling them up for snow time.......I was in a complete trance with a Law & Order marathon.......then a NCIS marathon. But seriously......the pics were too cute!

6. Tuesday night.......I prayed hard for the mamas who were unable to pick up their kids from school in Alabama. I can't even imagine!! I don't want to imagine. 2 things come to mind when I think about that situation:

1- when we signed up baby boy for daycare, one of my deciding factors was knowing that a bff literally lives 3 streets over.
2- I'm thankful I have a job where there's flexibility in bad weather. On Monday, the call was made for us to not report to work on Tuesday. I have to applaud them for not waiting until it was too late before they dismissed work.

7. I feel that my numbering is all wacky now. Sorry.

8. Tomorrow's post will be ALL about the gender reveal party.

9. Baby Boy is starting to respond to the doggies. About midnight on Tuesday night, H tried to sneak in the bedroom to make his way to the bathroom........and Coopie went NUTS! He howled and howled and it made my adrenaline spike and baby boy went crazy! He was moving around so much it made me sick. I had to walk around the house for 10 minutes until he calmed down. Not cool Coopie! Especially since baby boy will sleep in our room for his first few weeks. If that dog wakes up my baby as I try to master Baby Wise......I can't even tell you. Actually, I can. I can tell you he will be an outside dog. 

10. Speaking of Baby Wise....Chapters 6 and 7 blew my mind. I'm gonna have to go back and re-read them! Oh- and a big shout out to all of the Mama's that have messaged and emailed saying they used Baby Wise and cheered me on. 

I'm not committed to anything yet. However, I love a good schedule and plan. Even H commented that he would like for us to start off with a game plan. 

So, with that being said: The plan is to start off with a plan and see where it takes us. 

What I do know is:
-My baby will eat. 
-My baby will sleep. 
-My baby will have clean diapers. 
-My baby will be loved and rocked. And possibly have a paci. 
That's all I can promise at this point! But isn't that what all expecting mothers can promise?

Should I keep a notebook of our Baby Wise schedules?


  1. Re: Babywise...mixed feelings. If you are breastfeeding, you better just forget that scheduled feeding business, at least to begin with. It really doesn't work with purely breastfed babies, and everything I read (and my instincts) said a rigid schedule is not good for them anyway. That said, MC pretty much put herself on a schedule. She got in, got out, good for 3-4 hours. All of her own volition. Bronson, on the other hand, would bask in the wonderment of it all and fall asleep, deliriously happy, 15 minutes in, and there was no waking him up. So at times, he had to nurse every two hours. His pediatrician called him a titty baby and said sometimes boys are just like that. He protested weaning (at a year old) with all the fervor and manipulation he could muster. (MC was like, meh, whatever.)

    And on the paci...I swore I wasn't going to use them with MC but someone gave me a few. Three nights after coming home, I got up in the middle of the night and headed to the kitchen and Noel said, what are you doing? I said I'm going to boil a paci for this kid. He was like, to heck with boiling it, just rip that sucker open and stick it in her mouth. Lol. (I did boil it.)

    What I'm saying is, books are great, but any given book is not going to be right for every baby. Use your instincts. They'll be more right than anything.

    1. Bronson is so funny!! That sounds like him now! MC is also Miss Independent! haha!

      I **think** we will start off with no paci......but if you see Baby Boy up in church with a paci.....feel free to laugh, b/c you will know he is ruler of our house! hah!

  2. Yes, keep a journal. Your brain will be slushy and you will need a reminder of when you did what. Babywise routine worked for our breastfed babies. It doesn't have to be rigid to's more about a routine!

  3. Ditto listening to your instincts. You and H decide what's best for your children! Baby Boy and Little Coopie... ;)

    AW was purely breastfed...(still does morning and evening!)...and BabyWise worked for us. Until the teething monster happened....but don't borrow tomorrow's troubles! :)

  4. I used parts of Babywise and loved it! CG slept through the night (8 hours) at around 6-8 weeks. We used a pacifier :) until she was about 6 months old, and then we took it away, cold turkey. She did fine. I would recommend writing down your schedule at first. You will be so tired and busy that you'll forget. We didn't start a strict schedule with her until she was about 8 weeks old. Starting then, we woke her up at the same time every day, and again to eat every 3 hours, and put her down at the same time every night. We didn't strictly follow Babywise (for example, I think it said to not rock your baby----but I did and still do, and she does just fine!), but the scheduling is helpful. Just enjoy that sweet baby!!