Monday, January 6, 2014

Nursery Shenanigans.

Here's some photos of the crib that I Annie Sloaned the heck out of......

Please remember that I'm TERRIBLE at taking Before with a paint brush in my hand, I snapped this quick pic.

Do you see the internet cords to the left of the crib. Yeah, they're a problem that we don't have a good solution for yet.

Painting spindles are a pain in the back. Literally. 
However, my man joined the fun and 1 hour later, 1st coat finished.

The 1st coat of Annie Sloan will make you wonder what you are doing.
It's scarey, but you have to push through. Keep on keeping on. 

The 2nd coat, you are making magic.

The clear wax makes you feel talented.

The dark wax makes you believe you can open a furniture shop.

I'm gonna have to wait to show you the finished product because H painted the walls. And well, that would just give it away.

While H and I were busy painting, this what Coopie was up to:

Our poor little human baby will have to fight with our youngest fur baby to just lay in the nap nanny!
Oh, his blanket.....he pulled it up them himself. He may be deaf and slightly blind........but at times, he's pretty smart.

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