Friday, January 3, 2014

P!nk Concert Recap

She was once again awesome.

The end.

Blog post over.

It was THAT good!

Remember when I went to my 1st P!nk concert in February?

You can read about it here and here.

Anyway, this time was different:

1. We had to purchase our own tickets.
2. I DREAMED of having tickets in a suite vs. the nose bleeds that we did.
3. Limo ride?! Haha! That's like a cruel joke and distant memory.
4. I actually knew the songs this time around.
5. I didn't wear my Ann Taylor pink shirt because I burned 2 holes in it while ironing it.

However, the similarities included:

1. BFF Anna was just as excited as I was!!
2. P!nk flew around the arena.
3. I had my very own little dance party.

So here's the rundown:

Her opening song was Raise Your Glass. And.....I really couldn't. So, I raised my water bottle.

Watching her do aerobics with men hanging upside down with their shirts off made me question why I stopped taking gymnastics.

Next, she sang Blow Me One Last Kiss. 

Listen. She can

I can't even walk a flight of stairs without having to sit on the top step. She didn't stop moving the entire time.

When she sang Try and Just Give Me a Reason.......I died.
She nailed it....and I acted like I was a back up singer in section 13/14.

I was hoping H knew the words for Just Give me a Reason so we could do a duet.......but he left me hanging.

I think P!nk has toned it down a notch since she became a mother.......which is very becoming of her.

Oh! Can we talk about So What?
Here's a little video of that performance:

I would like to fly around an arena. Wearing a bodysuit and high heels.
Wait! I should probably give birth first.

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