Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Social Media.

I struggle with this everyday.

I have a love hate relationship with it.

I love seeing pics of my friends and their sweet babies and their doggies, etc.
I despise seeing selfies of people in their cars, bathrooms, gym mirrors, etc. Seriously, have someone take a pic of you. Oh, and put on your seatbelt! 

Really, I'm just against selfies in general.
I could never be Kim Kardashian's real life friend. It just wouldn't work out for us. 

My bloggy friend Felicia wrote this great post about Facebook......and I've put some thought into it.
And I can't do it. 
I can't commit.

If it wasn't for sweet Emmaline Perry (BFFs sweet baby gurl).....I could prob take a Facebook break.
But instead, I'm going to stop following people.

I tend to analyze people and what they post.
Don't confuse this with judging. 

When someone posts something stupid about a boy breaking her heart, I have to refrain myself from picking up the phone and giving her some life advice.

When someone posts about their baby mama drama.......I can't handle. Facebook isn't the place for it.

Oh- and the temperatures. Heaven help me! If it wasn't for people posting photos of the Weather Channel from their iphone, I would have never known how cold it was this week.

If you see me out and about......and I don't ask you about your latest drama rama, it's because I no longer follow you. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones.

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