Monday, July 24, 2017

Friday Night Findings.

So last year.......yep, you read that right....LAST year, I started this blog post....and Friday night, I finished typing and adding pics I found on my phone. 

Total. Life. Winning. 

I snapped these pics of Jax when we were living with my parents last summer. 
We needed to drive to the mailbox at the end of their driveway. So, I buckled him in the front seat for their .5 dirt road driveway. 

His reaction of being a big boy is so sweet! 

Mess with his watermelon and he'll cut 'ya! 

He's my little old man. Bless his old soul. 

When it's your bedtime but your friends are in time out.

Another photo from last year after we had moved in our new home. With a new house, and a new school and a pool, this kid was SO TIRED! 

I've sorta made it a "half-way through the year" resolution to pick up blogging again.
It was always something that I loved doing......but y'all....being a stay-at-home mom is hard when you never stay at home and there's always something to do or clean. This is HARD.

But it's so much fun.

And of course rewarding.

Even we don't have the best of days, I'm hanging out with my bud. And even when we have so much going on, I'm still with my buddy.......and that makes it worth it all.

When I was a full-time working mama, our life was WAY more organized. 

Like, WAY more. 

But, in order for it all to work, we had to be. 

I organized our budget, meals, vacays, work trips, and activities. 

And then, I retired from my job and we are just winging it at life. 


I like to justify it as in adventure.

Everyday I ask questions like:
"Hmmm......what can we do today to fill up 8 hours and have you feel full of life, Jax?"
"It's 6pm, what shall we eat for dinner?"
" many days have the clothes been in the washer?"

Just your typical mom questions.

Anyone else just winging it until January when we have a fighting chance to start over?!?

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  1. Aw, Jax is so cute and adorable. He reminds me of my nephew though he’s probably younger than Jax. The cuteness is similar haha.