Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baby Boy Shower

A week ago, I delightfully hosted the sweetest baby shower for the most presh mom-to-be and her little baby bump. 

Jessi has the MOST perfect round little bitty belly! 
That sweet mom is only belly preggers. 
When I was carrying around my chunky monkey......I was pretty much pregnant EVERYWHERE! 
My feet were SO swollen and I swear you could poke my face and it would take 10 minutes for my skin to come back to normal. 

Party Planning Details: 

Drink Station: Coffee, lemon water, orange juice, champagne 

Champagne Flutes were purchased from Hobby Lobby

I wanted to serve fruit, and I wanted to make it stretch for a crowd.....so a fruit salad made the most sense. 

Blueberry Muffins.....of course named after the little 'stud muffin'! 

Donut holes and candied maple bacon. 

Candied bacon is a game changer. 
I had every intention of writing up a blog post about how to make candied bacon......but that's not gonna happen. 

Here's the skinny on the bacon: line it up on a cookie cooling rack, place on cookie sheet to collect the bacon fat, drizzle maple syrup on the bacon and finally sprinkle with brown sugar. 

Throw it in the oven at 350 degrees. I'm not 100% on how long you need to bake the bacon. Honestly, it depends on how thick the bacon is. I'm thinking check on it around the 25 minute mark. 

It's sweet AND savory and pure perfection!

Because you can't have a brunch without cheese grits. 
Especially if you live in Mississippi. 

Baby Quiche are a perfect option for an egg incorporation for brunch! You can totally cheat and buy these

Donut holes. 
Because it's breakfast time. 
And who doesn't like donut hole?

Yogurt Parfaits are simple and cute! 
I used a candy cup from Hobby Lobby and filled with vanilla yogurt, topped with granola and a few blueberries! 

Baby Charlie- you are one loved little boy. You have the coolest parents ever and it was SUCH a pleasure to host this baby shower for you! 

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